Warehousing, Storage and Distribution Services

Supply chain management in Southern California

Public Warehouse

Qualex public warehousing service provides access to best in class equipment, space, labor, and the flexibility to scale up or down according to business needs. Ranging from short-term warehousing to long-term contract warehousing, Qualex offers clean, safe and secure public warehousing. All warehousing and fulfillment services can be combined with transportation, providing you with complete supply chain management solutions.

Services offered include:

  • Inventory management, control & replenishment
  • Product inspection / Quality control
  • Order processing, inbound & outbound
  • Bar-coding, re-packaging & labeling
  • Yard management
  • Cross-docking flow distribution
  • Static & dynamic replenishment
  • Load building
  • Kitting
  • Pool distribution
  • Freight consolidation
  • Pick-n-Pack
  • Order fulfillment
  • Rack & bulk storage
  • Packaging & assembly
  • Vendor/carrier performance data collection

Industries Served:

  • Furniture/Designer Showrooms
  • Paper Retail
  • Health & Beauty
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods

Whether you require short-term fulfillment services or long-term warehousing, one pallet or several thousand pallet spaces, we provide an integrated, single-source warehousing and logistics solution.

Dedicated Storage, Warehouse & Distribution Operations

  • We provide scale, security and business process integration. You have stability in knowing your space will be available when you need it while, all with the traditional benefits of an outsourced solution.
  • We offer multi-year agreements which take into account the many variables that are unique to each customer, such as IT systems platforms and staffing arrangements.
  • We operate dedicated warehouse operations for multiple clients across industry verticals. Offering space on a dedicated basis allows us to meet the needs of some of the world's largest producers of food & consumer goods.
  • Having dedicated warehousing with us is more than just a "space & labor play." The integration process with Qualex is led by an internal project management team focusing on customer needs. A key element in our philosophy is to truly understand your business and logistical needs. This way, we can provide you with service solutions that will help grow your business.
  • With Qualex, you are not hiring just a warehouse operator, you're hiring a business partner with knowledge and experience, which helps you improve your supply chain results through continuous improvements and a robust Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system.

Invest Your Resources In Growth

Your company has a proprietary approach, methodology or technology that sets you or your products apart from your competition. It is what drives your success and growth. Our logistics solutions are designed to ease constraints throughout your business, allowing you to focus on those processes and technologies that keep your business competitive.

Shrink to Grow - In manufacturing, it's very difficult to add capacity within an existing plant and real estate doesn't come cheap. By outsourcing your warehousing activities to us you reserve more of your existing footprint for your proprietary processes. From inspection of inbound raw materials to Certificate of Analysis (COA) verification, custom labeling and EDI confirmation, We act as your warehousing "front end."

Work Your Plan - Every manufacturing business does some level of Materials Resource Planning (MRP). We partner with you to set up Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions so that your replenishment orders are automatically loaded into our Warehouse Management System (WMS). Thus, eliminating the need to trade spreadsheets, create manual orders and numerous phone calls. Setting up an EDI program with Qualex allows you to plan your work ... and work your plan.

Distribution & Delivery - We handle the distribution so you don't have to outsource the job. Because all our warehouse and transportation services are tightly integrated, we offer the assurance of knowing that the Work-In-Process (WIP) inventory, components and packaging needed for today's production schedule will be completed, ensuring that your products are delivered with accuracy, efficiency and on-time. This leaves your processing facility free to focus on value added activities.

Service Consolidation - By providing multiples services we eliminate the your need to ship inventory to other facilities or vendors for rework, custom labeling, configuration changes or a host of other activities. With Qualex, you have the opportunity to add value to your inventory without allocating a single square foot of your production space to the initiative.